Louboutina – 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know

When The Dog Agency signs a new pup, I like to sniff them out and learn everything there is to know about them, so I met up with Louboutina to ask her all the tough questions. And to get one of those famous hugs of course!

Without further delay, here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about one of 2017’s most viral pets, LOUBOUTINA!

#1 Loubie can be sassy – she gives judgmental looks when something isn’t up to her standards.

#2 While most Golden Retrievers love water, Loubie hates it! The rain makes her sad and whenever she gets wet she puts on a sad face until her human towels her off and her curls return to normal.

#3 While she enjoys the beach and hiking, Loubie is happiest when in the city. I totally get it, I’m a city girl too!

#4 Loubie loves it when her hair blows in the wind. Her human calls it her “Beyonce syndrome.”

#5 Loubie loves to sleep in.  Her human goes on 6am runs and would love to bring her along, but she prefers to stay cuddled up at home. Same Loubie, same.

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