Loopy Pet Laws From Across The Country

The US has some pretty strange laws on the books that I can only imagine started with someone doing something very, very stupid. Here are a few odd (and obvious) laws when it comes to our furry friends.

It’s illegal to tie a dog to the roof of your car in Alaska.

Some poor pup probably suffered through a pretty terrible car ride before they put this law in place. One would hope this would be common sense, but I guess people are a little different up there.

Dogs in Little Rock, AR are banned from barking after 6 pm.

I can bet this law started with a pretty disruptive doggo. And while it may sound like a good idea, these lawmakers forgot one tiny detail: at the end of the day, dogs pretty much do whatever they like.

Credit: Rambo the Puppy/Facebook

If you lose your pet bird in Berkeley, CA, you cannot whistle for it before 7 am.

This seems like a very specific stipulation put in place by an angry neighbor. Moral of the story? Keep a close eye on your feathered friend.

It is against the law to educate a dog in Hartford, CT.

I’m pretty confused about this one. What do they have against educated pups? Does this mean none of the dogs in Hartford are trained? I imagine the streets are filled to the brim with unruly mutts.

Bingo players in Georgia may not receive goldfish as prizes.

Southern bingo players rejoice! A goldfish never really seemed like a great prize for anyone over the age of 7 anyway. Let’s hope they replaced the fishy prize with some cold hard cash.

You may not bring French Poodles to the opera in Chicago, IL.

This one is a big blow to your cultured canine. I suppose I understand that the occasional bark might ruin the ambiance, but why Poodles in particular? What did they ever do to deserve this discrimination?

Credit: Jeanne Lawrence’s Travels

Black cats in French Lick Springs, IN have to wear bells every Friday the 13th.

I bet there’s not a single crack in the sidewalks in this super superstitious town. For black cat fans, I’m sure Friday the 13th is a nice little holiday when you can easily find a feline friend.

Pet lions in Baltimore, MD are not allowed to go to the movies.

I think I need to meet the person that inspired this law. He/She seems very, very interesting and happens to have very exotic taste in pets.  

Animal lovers in Reed City, MI cannot own a cat and a bird at the same time.

Looking for the real-life Sylvester and Tweety Bird? You won’t find ’em here. Reed City law is quite strict on keeping cunning cats away from our feathered friends.

In Wyoming, it’s illegal to photograph rabbits between January and April without a permit.

Better hold off on that Insta photo shoot for your cotton-tailed cutie. What the lawmakers have against pictures of these precious pets beats me, but it sounds like they take things pretty seriously.

Credit: Wally and Molly/Facebook


Top photo credit: Crusoe the Dachshund/Facebook

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