London’s Getting A Luxury Cat Hotel

When I hear the words “cat hotel”, I picture a magical place where every room comes with a complimentary cat instead of those little pillow mints. Sadly, this isn’t actually the type of business that’s opening in London. But it isn’t just your run-of-the-mill boarding house either. The Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel provides the absolute finest lodging for our feline friends.

The Longcroft Norbury in Greater London boasts 6 suites that have each been carefully decorated and climate controlled. These suites lead to a larger play area where cats can climb, exercise, or simply relax. As with any good hotel, it offers room service for personalized attention.

Credit: Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotels

Each room comes with a beautiful wrought iron bed and a cozy pillow to snooze on. The A La Cat menu is prepared to perfection and plated on the finest bone china. Soft, cheerful music is played continuously to provide a relaxing ambience.

All these amenities and perks add up to a rate of £17 per day for a large suite and £20 per day for an extra large. There are many additional offerings, including spa treatments and mini bar treats, available for an extra cost.

Credit: Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotels

This isn’t the first cat hotel to open in England. The Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel chain actually has 15 locations across the country. The newest location in Norbury happens to be conveniently located on the way to Gatwick Airport.

For all of our readers across the pond, take note. The Longcroft certainly isn’t your home, but it definitely seems like the next best thing!

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