Literally Just Cute Pets In Bunny Ears

Just in time for Easter, we’re bringing you just a bunch of adorable animals in bunny ears. I mean, c’mon…what more could you want? Enjoy.

Current status of my heart: melted. Tuna is normally a really cute canine, but Tuna wearing bunny ears is even better.

Look. At. Those. Teeth. Also the fact that the bunny ears are pretty much the same size (if not bigger) than Crusoe‘s entire body is amazing.

Okay so this one technically doesn’t count because none of these pups are actually wearing ears but like…it was just too funny to leave out.

Toast goes for a trendy and cute look with these pink metallic ears. A bowtie and a slurpy tongue to top it all off and you’ve got one perfect pup.

Nothing like a bunny IN bunny ears…that’s double the cuteness! Suki the angora already has amazing ears, but this extra pair is even better.

Can I have a Rambo in my Easter basket please? This perfectly coordinated pooch really rocks the bunny ears and the pink polo.

This precious piggy wears his bunny ears for a good cause. Nothing cuter than a philanthropic pet!

Watch this adorable Frenchie frolic around in his bunny ears without a care in the world. How do I get an invite to this Easter egg hunt?

I have a weird obsession with Peeps so this photo really speaks to me. Anyone else on #TeamPeeps? Or at least #TeamSneakers?

Chloe looks like the perfect stuffed animal/doggy combo. Those floppy ears really take this adorable look to the next level.

Even though these ears are Photoshop, our little furry friend Meatball still looks pretty amazing. Maybe this year he’ll be up for rocking the real thing.

Unclear if this is a sheep or a bunny costumer. But either way, Chloe Kardoggian is looking pretty doggone adorable.

This super collie is looking super cute. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, we can all agree that a dog in bunny ears makes our day.

Bunny ears. Tulips. Fake grass. Corgi. What more could you want from a Spring photoshoot?

This kitty sure picked a pair with the most pizazz. With her furry ears to match her furry coat, she is just a fluffball from head to toe.

Bunny ears of bunnies with ears? This is taking things to a whole new level. Remix is always mixing it up and I am a big fan.

Another pet with a cute photo and a great message to share. Maya is on the move and she is ready to spread the word.

No bunny ears here, but there are bunny slippers! This cute, cozy alternative is perfect for diva Ella Bean.

Mervin found ears that are just as floppy and cute as his tongue is. What a find for this fun-loving pup!

All white with just a hint of pink really fits in with Mochi‘s aesthetic. Wish I could snuggly up with this cute little bunny.

This super corgi is super excited to throw on his bunny get-up. Floppy ears and a floppy tongue make for one adorable combination.

This grumpy pup looks pretty cheerful in his bunny ears. The perfect color coordination of ears and tongue just makes me squee with delight.

What are these magical tongue-curling skills? Riley Bean is a photoshoot pro, but it looks like she has a few other tricks up her…paw?

These little chihuahuas are costume queens, so it’s no surprise that this little gal is rocking the bunny ears like no other.

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