Lionel the Hedgehog Wants You To Go To Target!

Presented by Kaytee

Hi, PetInsiders! It’s Lionel the Hedgehog here!

This goes out to all of my small animal friends! I am so excited to tell you about a promotion going on at Target with Kaytee products. I recently saw a meme that said “No one goes to Target because they need something. You go to Target and let Target tell you what you need.” We all know that every time you walk into Target to get one specific thing, you leave with a bedside table, a mint green kitchen mixer, hedgehog salt & pepper shakers, way too many bags of treats that you only picked up because of the cute packaging, 37 candles, a new bathing suit even though it’s the middle of winter and an entire basket of random things from the dollar aisle.

With all of the spending you are definitely are going to do, Kaytee has a coupon that can save you $2 on Forti-Diet Nature’s Harvest Food & Hay, KAYTEE Wild Bird Food, and my favorite Forti-Diet Clean Comfort Bedding. This will make your wallet happy and your small animal family members at home even happier! Seriously guys, I have been using this bedding ever since I can remember! I love to burrow and this fluffy paper bedding is the absolute best for snuggling under to get cozy. The right bedding is an essential part to creating a happy and healthy environment for every small animal.

Here are 6 reasons to give Forti-Diet Clean Comfort Bedding a try:

  1. I like to keep my cage tidy. Bedding is the foundation of any habitat and keeps small pets comfortable and clean.
  2. When choosing bedding for your furry friend, make sure you get a paper bedding, which is safe and comfortable for pets and addresses a variety of issues, including odor and dust.
  3. I absolutely love to burrow and so do the rest of my small animal friends. Paper bedding is fluffy, soft and perfect for snuggling under.  
  4. Kaytee paper bedding is 99.9% dust free, which is so important for my  respiratory system. I have to be able to breathe well to run marathons on my wheel.
  5. Paper bedding also helps with odor control. I hate to admit this, but sometimes I’m stinky –very, very stinky.
  6. It’s on sale at Target. Everyone loves sales….and you’ll get an excuse to go to Target! Use this link to save $2 off of your next purchase!

Going to burrow now! Hedgehog Out!

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