Leashes For The Double Dog Walker

If you’ve ever had to walk multiple dogs at one time, you know the struggle. The pups are all on their own schedules and they can never just walk in a straight line. If you’re dealing with multiple leashes, it becomes a pretty tangled mess pretty quickly. But have no fear, these special double leashes are here to save the day. They each have their own unique, tangle-free technology to help your walk run a little more smoothly.

Credit: Etsy

This leash from Etsy pretty much has it all. It’s good for two dogs, has a pretty pattern, helps stop pulling, AND it doesn’t get tangled. Sounds like the whole package to me. Plus, look at those cute lil model canines.

Credit: Amazon

This one goes by the name Leashboss, which makes it sound like it can handle all your dog walking needs. This leash features sturdy, adjustable straps and a padded handled so you can keep a good grip on those good boys.

Credit: Camping World

When it comes to no-tangle leashes, this one is top dog. It has a special spinning gadget that automatically rotates as your dogs move around. Plus, it has brake buttons that are color coded to match the leashes so you always know which dog you’re controlling.

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