King Bentley Soaking Up the Summer

One thing King Bentley has made very clear is that he summers better than anyone else. Living in Miami, this adorable bulldog has a lot of time to master his doggie paddle, but no matter how many months of the year we may see him hoping into his pool, we never get tired of watching it!

Here are some of our favorite #KBinthepool moments!

We all need a little help from our friends, even when it comes in the form of a butt poke to dive on in!

KB is just floating through summer! It may look like he’s on a huge piece of pizza, but trust me, he’s really on cloud 9!

The only thing better than King Bentleys daily swim, is his daily swim on slo-mo!

When King Bentley relied on his tongue to help him paddle! It’s a pool KB, not a water bowl!

When he was our #mondaymotivation and #fitspo

To check out more of King Bentley’s water adventures, check his hashtag, #KBInthepool!

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Sophie Krakowski

Sophie is a dog lover living in New York City. She's currently a junior in college and occasionally skips class to play with her four legged friend, Oliver. She's known by many as "the girl with the dog" and is very proud of that reputation!

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