Keeping Us Safe On The Slopes

Skiing can be a fun winter activity for the whole family. But when you’re falling down a mountain on a pair of chopsticks, accidents can sometimes happen. When they do, these pups are specially trained to keep us safe.

You may see these dogs running around the ski slopes or hanging out in the lodge. But when it’s their time to shine, these fearless fidos spring into action. These dogs are mainly used for their super sniffers. They’re able to sniff out and find people trapped under snow from an avalanche or accident.

Credit: Luma the Loveland ski patrol dog/Facebook

Although they’re always ready to work hard, luckily these dogs rarely ever need to be put to use. Mostly, they serve as canine ambassadors for the slopes they live and work on. They’re especially useful for getting children involved with safe skiing practices.

At the Deer Valley Ski Resort in Park City, UT, their three avalanche dogs each have their own trading cards. The cards feature a cute picture on the front and a Code of Responsibility on the back. The ski patrollers often give these out to kids when they teach them about responsible skiing.

Credit: Deer Valley

These dogs are useful for skiers both on and off the slopes. At Loveland Mountain in Colorado, avalanche dog Zuma even has her own Facebook page. When she’s not training hard, she’s visiting injured skiers at the mountain’s lodge to help lick them back to health.

So while these avalanche dogs look adorable, they’re also extremely ambitious. They work hard for these mountains to help keep people safe and in good spirits. The next time you catch one of these pups on the powder, make sure to give them a good pat.

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