Keep Your Canine Cool

Things are heating up and us humans are stripping down to our shorts and tank tops. Unfortunately, our furry friends don’t have the same luxury. They’re stuck in a fur coat all year long. When your pup’s outside in the hot summer heat, it’s important to make sure they stay cool. Here’s how:

Try the Kool Kollar

This genius invention is basically a wearable ice pack for your pup. Just fill it with ice, put it on your dog, and let it cool them down as the ice melts.

Credit: North Coast Pets

Make a cooling mat

Give your pet something to chill on with a DIY cooling mat. Simply take an inflatable pool float and fill it with cold water from the hose. Lay it in the grass for your doge and they’ll enjoy a nice, chilly water bed.

Keep ‘em hydrated

The most important thing to do in hot weather is to keep your pet hydrated. Always have a bowl of water available for them to drink. Giving them ice cubes or even homemade pupsicles with doggy safe fruit like watermelon or blueberries can be a great summer treat.

Credit: Your Dog Magazine

Stick to the shade

If your dog is going to be outside for an extended period of time, make sure they can hang out in the shade. Too much time in direct sunlight, especially for darker-colored dogs, can make them overheat quickly.

Watch out for warning signs

It’s important to know the signs of overheating so you can take action as soon as you notice them. If you see any of these symptoms, cool your pup down immediately: heavy panting, rapid breathing, excessive thirst, vomiting, glazed eyes, bright or dark red tongue/gums, staggering, or weakness.

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