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As animal lawyers, all our clients are innocent.



At the Animal Legal Defense Fund, some of our clients include wolves, whales, pigs, hens and, of course, plenty of cats and dogs. We file lawsuits against animal abusers, work to free animals from captivity and push for legislative changes to benefit animals – all of which wouldn’t be possible without the help of our supporters. That is why I’m excited to meet a good number of them on Thursday, May 31, 2018 in New York City.



I will be joined by our New York area board members and Joyce Tischler, the founder and general counsel of the Animal Legal Defense Fund — or as she is affectionately known in the animal protection movement, the “mother of animal law”— for a night of delicious drinks, appetizers, music and mingling at 287 Gallery in Chelsea. We will also be sharing with attending animal lovers some of our recent victories and current projects around the country, including our efforts to pass “Bella’s Law” in New York to ensure that animal abusers receive harsher sentences for their actions.

If you’d like to join us, tickets are still available. I hope to see you there!


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Stephen Wells

Executive Director

Stephen Wells is the executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Steve has created a highly efficient, passionate, and talented team at ALDF. As he says, it is his job to create an environment where egos are out the door and everyone works together for one end–to end the exploitation and suffering of animals. And that is just what he has done. He lives in the western woodlands of Sonoma County, California with his dog, Eve.

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