Japan Is At It Again

Japan is always on the cutting edge of the latest trends and technology. This holds especially true when it comes to pets. The most recent pet innovation out of this awesome Asian country happens to be something straight out of their own history:  pet samurai armor.

Yes, you may think that actual samurai armor for your pet is a bit unnecessary, but have you seen these things yet? They’re beautiful and pretty badass at the same time. I guarantee nobody on the block will mess with your pet in this outfit.

Credit: Samurai Age

The company, Samurai Age, is located in Fukuoka, Japan and they specialize in other small suits of armor for dolls and bottles of sake. They make the pet armor out of light foam resin and polyurethane, so it isn’t too heavy on your pet. It’s available in four different colors, with prices ranging from $128-$150.

Credit: Samurai Age

If you think your cat or small dog is ready to suit up, check out their website (make sure you translate it to English, as it’s in Japanese). They also have a Facebook page for all your pet armor needs. For just a couple hundred bucks, your pet can look so fresh and so fierce.

Credit: Samurai Age/Facebook

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