Itty Bitty Batemans

Joey and Keeva are two adorable Yorkies living in sunny Los Angeles. They specialize in cuddling, wearing bandanas, and being the cutest little pups in town. Check them out:

These two are definitely #squadgoals with their matching accessories. If I get one of these in my size, can I join their crew?

Their serious faces are seriously adorable. Those fluffy little ears and cute button noses are absolutely picture perfect.

Snuggle siblings for life. Nothing like two pups in a blanket burrito to really brighten your day.

If my 2 p.m. post-lunch crash could be summed up in dog form, this would be it. But Joey and Keeva definitely make it look way cuter.

Looks like Keeva has figured out that puppy pillows are the best kind of pillow. These siblings really know how to support each other.

I would let these couch potato pups go on a Netflix binge with me any day. The only rule is that they have to continue to sit like silly little humans.

One more cuddling pic…just for good measure. Who’s cuter, big spoon or little spoon? Doesn’t matter, they’re both super snuggly furry friends.

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Lisa Miceli

Lisa is a 20-something (inching closer to 30 ahh!) living in New York City for the past 10 years and loving every minute of it! Not able to sleep without the hustle and bustle of the city blaring through her windows, she is also accustomed to her dog-child, Louis, taking up all the space in her small apartment, as well as in her heart. She is very excited to be a member of The Dog Agency team!

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