IT’S SO COLD: You Probably Need Better Gear

Here at PetInsider HQ in NYC, it is so cold!!!! Even though no one wants to go outside (except for the Huskies), the dogs still need to be walked, even if some will only go a few feet from the door.


Every morning, I walk my dog, drop him off at home, and then head straight to work. I need gear that works for extended time in cold weather that is also okay to wear to work. Listen, I know the products in this article are higher priced, but, y’all, SO. WORTH. IT! I’ve had these clothes (or comparable ones) for 5 years or more, and I’m still wearing them. Literally wearing them as I type this; our office is cold.




Alright, first up are these Frye boots. Right now, these boots are $250.00 online. I bought mine (not the exact version they have now) in Winter of 2014. By the time November rolls around, I’m wearing these everyday, and I continue to wear them until April. If the ground is super wet or slippery, I will switch to my Sorel’s (which I’ve had for almost a decade now), but beyond that, I don’t take these off. That means these boots have been in action for about 150 days a year in cold and wet weather for about 5 years now. That’s 750 days! They are still going strong, and, to be honest, I don’t even take great care of them. They deserve better–they have treated me so well!






Now that I fully appreciate the benefits of high quality boots, I have been saving up for my next pair, which are going to be these Red Wing Heritage boots. They are similar, but they have thicker rubber soles, so hopefully I will be safer on those ice patches. Plus, they are made in the U.S.!





Next up, coats! I try to spread the gospel about what I call, “sleeping bag coats” a.k.a ankle-length, puffy coats that look like down comforters. If you get a good one, you can wear whatever underneath and still be warm in freezing temps. I can’t even remember when I bought my current coat–it’s been that long! It’s Eddie Bauer, currently $200.00, and has lasted at least 7 years now. The biggest problem with this coat is that it is difficult to clean, so there’s some stains, but beyond that, this coat is still in prime condition.





I’m not considering getting a new coat quite yet, but I ran into someone on the Subway platform today who was wearing this Cole Haan coat, and I was very impressed. Its hood can go pretty far in front of your face which is helpful to block cold/wet/snow/wind. It also has what they call a “bib.” This makes it so you can easily zip up the coat halfway if you don’t need full coverage. The woman I ran into has only had it for two months, so I can’t speak to its longevity, but it looked promising!




PS: Some of these are partner products, which means if you purchase, PetInsider may get something in return, however these are unbiased reviews based on personal experience.


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