It’s Off To The Finals For The Super Collies!

The Super Collies are making their way to the top! Last night, Sara Carson and her talented Collies were voted into the finals round on America’s Got Talent. On Tuesday night Sara, Hero, and Loki rocked the stage with a unique act that excited the crowd. Did we mention they put this act together in less than a week!? They were voted into the Semi Finals last week and had a short amount of time to create something that would WOW the judges and America. Take a look at the below talent recap:

It’s safe to say they blew the crowd away! This act was nothing short of AMAZING. It is heartwarming to see how Sara Carson has dedicated her life to her rescue dogs.

Some big news was revealed as well! Marvel, Loki, and Hero are on the lookout for a new family member. Where in the world is the next Super Collie you ask? Well, Sara has given her audiences a chance to help with the search. I’m sure the next rescue pup will be the perfect addition to the family.

These Collies have earned their turn in the spotlight and we can’t wait to see what comes next! Make sure to have a look at their Instagram and Facebook for some super pup updates.

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calla chuy

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