Human-Like Dog Breaks the Internet 

Tiffany Ngo and Kevin Hurless couldn’t help but fall in love with Nori, an Australian shepherd-poodle mix pup the minute they laid eyes on him, and it’s easy to see why. This unique pup’s human-like features have taken the internet by storm.



After adopting Nori, the couple state that he instantly began receiving a considerable amount of attention. They were shocked at how many people would stop them in public to get a closer look at him. Nori’s almond-shaped eyes, light fur, and pink lips and nose make him look more like a person than a dog. His intense eyes seem to peer through your soul when you look into them. His face is so expressive, it makes heads turn everywhere he goes.



After creating an Instagram page for Nori and his sibling, Boba, they quickly gained a large following and the comments on Nori’s appearance got even better. “I think the funniest thing we’ve heard is Garth from ‘Wayne’s World.’



Ngo states that “People like to say that his eyes make him seem very wise or soulful – he even makes a disgusted face when I’m painting my nails and he smells the nail polish.”


Despite his demeanor, the couple says that Nori is like any average dog. He loves playing with Boba, going swimming, and jumping in puddles of mud. Ngo and Hurless are so pleased that Nori is able to make so many people laugh and smile through his Instagram page.


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