How Your Favorite Pets Celebrated Memorial Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a safe, sun, and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend! While we all enjoyed an extra day with our loved ones (especially those of the furry variety), and there were plenty of travel, food (!), and even fashion moments, we loved that some of our favorite Instagram stars took a post to pay tribute to the servicemen and servicewomen who risk and sacrifice each and everyday to make our world safer.

“We don’t know them but we owe them all,” noted @reagndoodle. We echo this sentiment all year ’round and love their thoughts. “In memory of those who sacrificed for us. We honor you today!” added @barkeysircharles.

@ralphthecorgi summed it perfectly over the weekend: “Home of the free. Thanks of the brave.”

Check out more of our favorites below and feel free to add your own and tag us on social media. (It’s never too late to pay tribute to our troops!)


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Maureen Dempsey

Maureen Dempsey is a freelance writer living in New York with an ancient, 14-year-old chihuahua and a feisty, young dachshund.

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