How to Stop Litter Odor

Owning a cat brings with it a huge number of rewards, and there is something satisfying about curling up with a purring, furry companion. As with any pet, however, there can be challenges which come alongside this, and one of these can be dealing with your pet’s litter box. It is an inevitable fact that the contents of this will be less than pleasant, and litter odor can be a real problem which can disrupt the environment of your home. Some simple changes can help you to take care of this, and prevent litter smells from becoming a problem.


Scoop on schedule

One of the biggest causes of odor build-up is allowing old urine and feces to build up over time. The longer it is left to sit, the stronger the smell will become, and it is more likely to permeate throughout the rest of the house.



Replace the litter regularly

Even with regular scooping, it is crucial that the whole set of litter is changed at least twice a week. Take this chance to wash out the box with hot, soapy water and fill with fresh, clean litter to keep odors to a minimum.


Change the box annually

No matter how clean your box looks, it is important that you update it with a new model around once a year. As your cat scratches to cover their waste, they will gradually wear scratches into the material, and these can hold onto bacteria which cause unpleasant smells.



Pick the right litter

Choosing the right brand of litter is essential for keeping your cat happy, but also for helping to control odors. There are perfumed and highly scented options, as well as chemicals which can hide the smell, replacing it with a strong but more pleasant aroma. Some varieties specialize in trapping and eliminating odors, and these can be a great choice providing your pet is in full agreement. It is important to try out different varieties and ensure that your cat is pleased with the final decision.


Keep your litter box in a well-ventilated area

It may seem obvious, but one of the key reasons for an unpleasant smell is that your box is in the wrong place. It is understandable that you want your litter box to be out of the way, but tucking it into a dark, tiny and cramped space will help the smells to linger for longer. You need to provide space for the odor to disperse, and make sure there is plenty of room for your cat to enter, exit and move around. Don’t forget that if your pet is unhappy with the placement, they will make their feelings known—and it may be in a very unwanted place!



Try a self-cleaning option

One easy way to help reduce the odor of a litter box is to invest in a self-cleaning model. These work by incorporating a mechanism which can scoop the waste left behind by your pet, and rake through the remaining litter to ensure that it is clean and fresh. The waste is stored in a separate sealed container, and this can help to reduce the bad smells left behind. Furthermore, because the box is always clean, there is no lingering residue to build up, and you can relax knowing that the litter is ready and accessible to your cat at any time of the day.


Keep it Simple

One final insider trick is to sprinkle some baking soda in with your litter. This seemingly simple substance is a master of deception and can help to absorb and neutralize nasty smells until you have a chance to scoop.





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