How to Protect Your Pets in Severe Weather

With Hurricane Dorian quickly approaching the east coast, it’s crucial that we keep our families safe, especially our pets. Whether you live on the coast or somewhere farther away, most of us are bound to be hit with some degree of impact from this catastrophic storm.


Many pets get frightened during a bad storm, and we all want to soothe them and keep them safe when they’re in distress. Hurricane Dorian has recently been named a category 5 hurricane, meaning more damage and more danger. Here are the steps to take to ensure that your pets are safe and secure in case of an emergency.


Most importantly, plan ahead. Check your local news to determine the safest course of action for your family. Sometimes evacuation is necessary so keep in touch with family and friends, especially if you need to find a place to stay.


NEVER leave your pet behind. Pets are family, and you wouldn’t leave your child behind. If you are unable to bring your pet with you for any reason, there are many available emergency evacuation shelters that welcome pets.



When planning aheadcreate a checklist to ensure you have all the essential items for your pet. The Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Rescue Team has a detailed checklist along with other important resources that can be found here.


If traveling, have your pet in a secure carrier or crate with an ID tag attached. In addition, make sure they are wearing their collars with all up to date tags on them. Bring a few of your pets’ favorite toys or other comfort items, such as treats or a bed. Make sure to stock up on items like food, water, and litter to last at least 5 days. Also, if your pet is microchipped, make sure that it is activated in case they become lost.


If your pet is particularly anxious in stressful situations, anxiety vests can help. They provide an additional layer of comfort and help to relieve stress.



Lastly, make sure to comfort your pet. Talk to them, pet them, and keep them nearby. If you’re calm, your pet will be calm too.

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