How To Mess With Your Cat

Fact: cats love to sit in boxes. If you’ve ever left an empty shoebox or package around your house, you could probably find your cat in it within a matter of minutes. But what people have figured out is that sometimes you don’t even need an actual box. If you just draw a box on the floor with tape, your cat will still sit in it.

It all started with a tweet from Danielle Matheson (@prograpslady):

She inspired others to try it with their feline friends. Much to their surprise, it actually worked.

That cat looks pretty content in her little fake box.

This feline even got a little feisty when it came to defending his new territory.

This guy’s kind of just sitting there like: okay human, I’m in the box. Now what?

Some cat owners were pretty upset that their furry friend wouldn’t play along.

This lady showed that not all cats are created equal.

I guess all pets aren’t create equal, either.

So while no one is really sure what makes cats so curious about these little boxes, some think it might have something to do with exploring new territory. But whatever the reason, it’s always fun to find new ways to mess with your kitty.

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