How to Keep Your Pet In Shape

As if the Whistle couldn’t get any better, its newest feature is bringing their technology to a whole new level with the Whistle FIT.

The Whistle FIT offers personalized activity goals, fitness tracking (distance traveled, calories burned, for example) as well as a nutrition calculator that helps owners figure out exactly how much they should be feeding their pups based on their age, current weight, type of food and breed. With close to 60% of US dogs being overweight or obese, features like these help us to ensure that we’re keeping our dogs healthy. It’s been said that dogs who keep a healthy weight can live up to two and a half years longer.



One of the reasons I love @WhistleLabs and am proud to be a #WhistleLabsPartner is because the Whistle FIT helps pet parents monitor their dog’s health patterns by tracking concrete behaviors such as licking, scratching, sleeping, exercise, and calories burned.



Since so many canine health problems can be caught early if owners know to look for them, it’s imperative that they’re able to keep on top of their dog’s habits and behaviors. Then, if an issue does crop up, their vet can see exactly what’s going on and when the behavior began.



While the GPS isn’t included on this model, the Whistle FIT has all the health features including the scratching and licking tracker, medication schedules, vet visit reminders, and the weekly wellness report.


With the Whistle FIT and subscription service (at less than $3.00 a month) you’ll have all of your pups wellness and health data right on your phone, right when you need it.

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