How One Bride Included Her Cat On Her Wedding Day

As a cat owner (um, dual-cat owner), I understand why any engaged couple would naturally want to include their feline best friends as a part of their wedding day. Because cats are part of your family, of course—and in no way less than a pet dog would. But having cats as part of a wedding party (or celebration in general) can be tricky. However, one photographer has now made her name shooting brides, grooms, and their beloved felines on their Big Day, as reported by Catster.





Self-coined catographer Marianna Zampieri has worked on several projects involving felines—including private shoots with cats and their loving owners—but it was only until after her own wedding day she realized she had no shots with her own fur baby, Arthur. Post-nuptials, Zampieri donned her wedding dress again for photos of her and her kitty.



Once Zampieri’s snaps made the rounds, she found many of her friends who were getting married to also want to do a photoshoot with their cat on the big day. “Cats [lend] themselves very well [to the photographs], and the results have been so appreciated that I decided to propose it as a service to be added to the ‘normal’ private services on commission,” Marianna explains of her new feline photog add-on. One word of warning: Just make sure to trim your cat’s nails first—the thought of a ripped wedding gown is far too traumatic.




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Rachel Zoldan

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