Hot Harnesses

Your pup deserves to strut in style with some of these adorable harnesses. Let your dog make that sidewalk their catwalk in any of these fun prints.

For your minty-fresh mutt



If your doge is ready to look so fresh and so clean, scoop up this minty merch. If you’re not feeling the color, flip it around for that chic marble look.

For your trendy terrier


Credit: Baxter Boo

Summer is here and the ombré trend is still going strong. It started with hair, and now it’s taking over everything from food to fashion. Combine this with the latest unicorn obsession, and you get this cute, colorful harness.

For your flashy furry friend

Credit: Etsy

Sometimes just one print isn’t enough. If your little fashionista can’t decide between stripes, florals, or flamingos, this is the perfect harness for them.

For your nautical nugget

Credit: Puppia

Puppia is THE go-to brand when it comes to pet harnesses. But your pup deserves more than just the standard colors. Make a statement with your lil sailor with this adorable accessory.

For your cultured canine

Credit: Etsy

Your pup can strut its stuff in this Southwestern-inspired harness. Inspired by the Native American Shoshone tribe, this unique print can show off your mutt’s multicultural side.

For your hungry hound

Credit: Zee.Dog

Who wouldn’t want to rock a pizza print? This harness really shows off your pup’s personality and lets everyone know that they are always ready to chow down.

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