Hop into Easter with 6 Bunny-tastic Instagram Accounts

Between the chocolate bunnies, the real ones and the big mythical one, we’re pretty excited about Easter this weekend. What better way to get you excited for the Easter Bunny to hop on in than to look at adorable bunnies on Instagram? With six days until Easter, we’re turning the spotlight onto six of the cutest bunnies on Instagram to put you in the holiday mood and give these cute furry friends the recognition they deserve. Make sure to follow them for year-round bunny-rific snaps!


Who: @ioandkilli

Known for: Lo and Kili are known for dressing up for fabulous photoshoots! They were made for the camera and know how to work their props, whether that is sporting headpieces or eating on camera.

Why We Love Them: They act like no-bunny is watching.


Who: @wally_and_molly

Known for: Sadly, Wally passed away but she was known for her book, Wally, The Life of a Punny Bunny. Otis, Suki, and Molly are known for their bunny-licious haircuts!

Why We Love Them: Their sassy and cute attitudes (and that hair!).


Who: @shaithebunny

Known for: Shai and Regal are known for the fur-bulous style as featured on their Shai The Bunny Shop.

Why We Love Them: Their style, obviously. From rocking the trendy blue sunglasses to Supreme clothing over their extreme fuzzy fur, they never go unnoticed on the streets.


Who: @cilibunny

Known for: The Rabbit Showdown on YouTube. Although it hasn’t gone viral, it’s still adorable!

Why We Love Them: Zucca and Mikka never fail to look cute whether they are doing rhythmic gymnastics in The Rabbit Showdown or are dressing up for the holidays.


Who: @bunnyloulu

Known for: Lulu, Chester, and Willow, (Louie passed away in 2016) are known for their funny and loving brother and sister vibes! Louie was known for his “high flying binkies.” Lulu is known for looking like a “moving, jumping cotton ball.” Chester is known for looking like a “baby seal or a bald man.” And Willow is known for “[flopping] and [bouncing] like there’s no tomorrow!”

Why We Love Them: They’re apart of an all-inclusive pet family; they’re brother and sister to an adorable Shih Tzu, too.


Who: @djbunnypuff

Known for: DJ Bunnypuff and The Puffery are known for fitting in small objects like toilet paper rolls and little bowls.

Why We Love Them: They go together like Siamese twins. We can’t get enough of them.

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