Hit The Movies With Your Mutt

Going to the movies has been around for decades and it’s fun for all ages. Now, thanks to Picturehouse Central in London, it’s fun for all species, too. Every couple of months, Picturehouse hosts a special screening that allows movie goers to bring their canine companions.

If you’re a member of the theater, tickets are only £5 ($6.50). If not, they’re £8 ($10.50). But either way, when the human pays, the doggy gets in for free. If you don’t have a dog, you’re still more than welcome to enjoy the pup-friendly screening.

Posted by Picturehouse Central on Saturday, July 1, 2017

The cinema provides water bowls to make sure all the dogs stay properly hydrated. And when they enter the theater, owners are given treats and a blanket so they can snuggle up with their furry friend.

Watching movies with some adorable mutts sounds like the absolute best movie experience anyone could ask for. Here’s to hoping that cinemas here in the U.S. start showing dog-friendly films soon enough.

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Sarah Cookson

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