Heroic Hounds In Mexico

While much of the world is recovering from hurricanes, Mexico is still getting back on its feet after a series of three major earthquakes in the past few months. The search for survivors continued for weeks after the quakes hit, and first responders got some help from some very special dogs.

Specially-trained service dogs were put to work to help sniff out people among the wreckage. Their incredibly strong sense of smell was able to help rescuers find survivors in difficult places such as collapsed buildings.

Credit: Pedro Pardo/AFP/Getty

After the 8.1-magnitude quake in Juchitan de Zaragoza, soldiers led their dogs through all different parts of the city in search of survivors.

Credit: Alfredo Estrella/AFP/Getty

Rescue teams came from as far as Japan to lend a hand. Here, the Japanese rescue team leads this scent dog through a flattened building in Mexico City.

Credit: Edgard Garrido/Reuters

One working dog that really captured the hearts of social media was a Labrador retriever named Frida. She served as part of the Mexican Navy in Mexico City. While she looks pretty adorable with her goggles and booties, Frida is all business. She has saved more than 50 lives during her missions in various different natural disasters.

Credit: Eduardo Verdugo/AP

These dogs worked hard to save lives on a daily basis, and everyone made sure they are well taken care of. There were plenty of people on hand to ensure that these dogs didn’t push themselves too hard.

While the journey to recovery is far from over for Mexico, it’s always good to see all different kinds of people and species coming together to help rebuild.

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