Here’s How To Hide That Litter Box

Training your cat to use a litter box is pretty easy. But finding somewhere to put that messy, smelly eyesore? That’s a different story. Don’t let your litter box ruin your lovely decor. Here are a few ideas for how to keep your cat’s business hidden:

Credit: Modernist Cat

Tuck that litter tray away with this stylish wooden cabinet. The two-toned wood works well with any color palette, and the hole in the side lets your cat come and go as it pleases. The doors open up for easy clean-up. This piece is the perfect mix of form and function. At $500 it’s definitely not cheap, but it’s something that you can keep around forever.

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For a cabinet that hides the clutter but is a bit more affordable, check out this cat washroom bench from Amazon. This simple white bench is the perfect little cat bathroom. There’s a removable partition in the middle, so you can either let your cat use the full space or save half for more storage. Either way, it’s a nice, simple litter box solution.

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If you don’t need to hide your litter box but you just want to contain the mess, this little wooden cabinet could really do the trick. You can still see the litter box, but it’s a classier place for your cat to do what it needs to do. Plus, the covering helps control the mess for kitties who tend to kick their litter.

Credit: Dimples And Tangles

If you’re more of the DIY kind of person, there are some other alternatives. One way to easily hide a litter box is by gluing fabric under a side table to create a curtain. The fabric is easy for your cat to go in and out of, and it looks so much nicer than the box just sitting out in the open. All you need is a table that’s large enough to fit a litter box underneath, the fabric of your choice, and some hot glue.

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Closets can be a great place to hide a litter box, but making sure your cat can get in and out is always an issue. This handy kit from Amazon definitely helps. It comes with a template for cutting and pre-cut pieces for finishing this adorable cat doorway. Feel free to keep your cat’s bathroom behind closed doors once you’ve installed this convenient entrance.

Credit: House Tweaking

Spot the litter box in this photo. Stumped? Look at the little opening underneath the bench. There are tons of DIY tutorials on how to repurpose IKEA furniture as litter box cabinets, and this one does a great job. There are a bunch of different cabinets that could work and this particular tutorial uses one from the PAX collection. This project does require some power tools, but it’s definitely worth it to have such a stealthy litter box spot.

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