Help ‘Clear the Shelters’ By Bringing Home One of These Cats or Dogs

A loving home. It’s all any cat or dog living in an animal shelter wants right now.  


Each year the Clear the Shelters campaign aims to do just that, find each and every animal waiting in a shelter a place to spend forever. 


The nationwide pet adoption drive, which has helped more than 150,000 animals find homes since 2015, culminates on August 18 — the day that all shelters hope every single cage will be open and empty. 


We want to help them reach that goal. So, meet this group of cats and dogs from across the U.S., each of them is unique and eager to make someone happy, and all are more than ready for their #gotchaday.


Look at their faces, learn their stories and stop by for a meet and greet. Maybe their forever is with you.



This 7-year-old senior (pictured above) should be living out her golden years in a home, not a shelter. “Daphne is as sweet as they come,” says shelter spokeswoman Sarah Varanini, “and has been at the Sacramento SPCA for far too long — more than 4 months! She is an expert cuddler, walks well on leash and is a favorite of our volunteers.” Daphne would do best in a home without cats but could potentially be friendly with other dogs — just stop in with your furry friend for a visit and see.




You won’t believe the condition this beautiful girl was in just a few weeks ago when she arrived at the Humane Society of Greater Miami. She was bald due to severe, painful demodectic mange and had a sad face to match. With help of their caring staff, Romina has bounced back. “My energy is definitely back up to puppy standards and I have gotten to spend lots of time playing with other four-legged friends here,” says an Instagram post sharing her progress. “The staff are all making me feel so special and loved, too. I feel like a princess!” When she’s ready, she could be queen of your castle. 




“Bashful … shy… introverted … timid … and coy!” that’s how the San Diego Humane Society has classified this bright-eyed baby, who was surrendered to the shelter by her owner in early July. Clearly, the 4-year-old needs a patient human she can trust to help her adjust to the next chapter of her life. 




The Dumb Friends League’s Denver shelter has been this sweet girl’s home for more than a month — and in that time they’ve learned a lot about her, including her “discomfort around other dogs.” But she’s definitely comfortable in situations with humans. “Sweet talk, getting her ears rubbed, having people close to her,” are all listed in the house-trained dog’s bio as favorites. 




With a face this pretty, it’s hard to believe Abby has been at the Michigan Humane Society since May. According to an Instagram post written by the shelter, she’s good with other kitties, loves to be brushed and petted, and has a pleasant personality to boot. “We cannot say enough about how darling she is,” the post says. “She is constantly purring, too! We know she will be the perfect companion to a very lucky adopter.”



Benjamin Button

These eyes have superpowers. “Benjamin Button is a magical being who melts hearts at a single glance,” says an Instagram post shared by Los Angeles’s North Central Shelter. “This 8-year-old baby has soulful eyes that defy the sands of time.” Time was definitely what he needed to recover when he came to the shelter in June. “His teeth were worn, he was underweight, and his beautiful red coat [was] covered in scabs,” the post says. “Medication and determination, though, has made Benjamin Button healthier and more spry with each passing day.” The shelter recommends an adopter who can help socialize him with other dogs, and, of course, give him much-needed love. In return, “he promises to love you for always.”




This adorable 6-year-old boy living at New Jersey’s Burlington County Animal Shelter loves attention, according to an Instagram bio, and is always looking for a pet or kiss (a sentiment that not a lot of cats share!) The kitty, who has diabetes, is in search of an owner that will give him his daily insulin shots, which will cost about $60 per month. “He was surrendered to the shelter due to his owner’s allergies,” the post says. “Most of his time since then has been spent living in a foster home with cats and people of all ages. If you are looking for a very social cat, Oppie may be the right one for you!”




He may be deaf, but that doesn’t mean this handsome guy isn’t living life to the fullest. “This unique pittie may be the friendliest guy in town, giving kisses left and right,” says a bio posted on Instagram. “He’s a gentle pooch who wishes to have a patient everlasting companion that will: teach him common commands in sign language, rub his belly every day, and let him tan in the grass on hot sunny days.” One of the volunteers at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Texas where he lives found a special friend in Diesel. “I’m deaf in one ear, and he’s deaf in both,” the volunteer says in the post. “I definitely understand a little bit of what he’s going through. I’ve never met a dog so quiet and considerate.”

To see more adoptable pets, visit the Clear the Shelters website.


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