Head To Charlotte For Pet Paradise

Pet Paradise actually exists and, surprisingly, it’s at an airport in Charlotte, NC. This state-of-the-art pet resort ensures that your pet is fully pampered while you’re away on vacay. If you feel bad about not bringing your furry friend along, rest assured that Pet Paradise is the next best thing.

Their amenities range from climate-controlled suites, to a grassy play area, a bone-shaped swimming pool, grooming, and more. Anything your pet could need, Pet Paradise offers. Pups have plenty of room to run, and cats are provided with peaceful, private cat condos.

Credit: Pet Paradise/Facebook

Pet Paradise welcomes dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes. Just make sure that they’re older than 12 weeks and fully up-to-date on all their vaccinations. Even if your pet doesn’t play well with others, they can schedule special one-on-one time with a team member to make sure your pet gets the attention they deserve.

If you’re ever curious what your pet is up to, Pet Paradise offers a live stream of the play area so you can see just how much fun they’re having. If your pet happens to have a problem, they have an on-call vet to make sure they’re happy and healthy.

Credit: Pet Paradise/Facebook

Pet Paradise has other locations all across the country so if you’re not near Charlotte, have no fear. If you’re anywhere in the south, odds are there’s a Pet Paradise for you. So the next time you have to leave your pet behind, don’t just send them to any old boarding kennel. Send them to Paradise.

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