Harlan the Corgi’s Favorite Pet-Friendly Spot in Los Angeles – The Grove

My absolute favorite place to visit in Los Angeles other than the dog park is The Grove. The Grove is an amazing outdoor mall located just 10 minutes from my house with a bustling promenade and crowds of people just waiting to pet me!

Dad has been taking me to The Grove since the moment I could safely go outside at around four months old. Tons of dogs of all shapes and sizes visit the mall every day. I have become great friends with Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, Golden Retrievers and even a humongous Bernese Mountain Dog! You name a type of dog, and I bet you I’ve played with or at least sniffed one at The Grove!

Visiting The Grove at such a young age was huge for my socialization with not only dogs, but also humans. I used to not be able to walk more than three feet without someone wanting to pet me. This early and repeated interaction with humans at such a young age really helped me learn to love humans and get used to the attention that often comes with being a cute pup! I particularly love when the little humans, I think they are called babies, pet me and I can lick their face! If not for these early experiences at The Grove, I am not sure I would be as loving or affectionate as I am today!

Even though I am not so little anymore, I still love going to The Grove on a weekly basis and visiting my friends who work on the promenade. I guess you could say I’m a regular. There is a even a whole store for dogs called The Dog Bakery where they give out free treats just for walking inside! And all I have to do is sit! The Grove is also a wonderful place for pets because there are multiple businesses which leave large water bowls outside in case my friends or I get thirsty.

The Grove isn’t the biggest place in the world, but it sure is beautiful. Dad and I always make sure to take advantage of photo ops when the mall is decorated for a season or holiday such as autumn or Christmas! We also love dancing together to the live musical performances, which seem to happen all the time!

If you have not been, I highly recommend taking your human to The Grove and walking around. I try to fit in four or five laps around the promenade each time I go, but that really depends on how many people stop me for a pet.

If you want to meet me there, I typically visit during the week after dad is done working between 5-8pm. Hope to see you pups there!

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Harlan the Corgi

I am a fluffy and lovable male Pembroke Welsh Corgi living in Los Angeles, California! I was born on October 1, 2015, but it doesn't feel like I'm going to stop acting like a puppy any time soon! My favorite things to do are chase other dogs and be pet by humans. Humans are like putty in my paws! If there is one thing you should take away from my profile, it is that you should be just like me - always smiling and happy!

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