Good Samaritan Time: Help Save 23 Frenchies

Chicago French bulldog Rescue needs your help. Here’s the story, straight from Public Good:


“Last month 28 French Bulldog puppies were found packed tightly in plastic crates in a moving van in Texarkana, TX. It was 121 degrees inside, there was no food or water. One was dead. The rest were suffering from heat-related illnesses.

The Humane Society of the United States provided financial assistance to pay for the care of the puppies until they could be moved to the care of Chicago French Bulldog Rescue.

Despite vet care, four more puppies died while awaiting a civil hearing against the transporters. It was determined that the puppies were treated cruelly and the court order was not appealed.

On Wednesday, August 8, CFBR picked up the puppies in Texarkana on a private plane which is climate controlled and with a veterinarian, since all the puppies needed to be in isolation.

They immediately went straight to expert veterinarians to determine exactly what they needed in order to be healthy enough to go to loving foster homes.

All 23 puppies need intensive rehabilitive veterinary treatment. Please donate today so we can provide the best care for these sweet souls and give them all the life they deserve.”


Head over to donate now. Even a few dollars can help. As of press time, $4,000 of the $50,000 has been raised.

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Maureen Dempsey

Maureen Dempsey is a freelance writer living in New York with an ancient, 14-year-old chihuahua and a feisty, young dachshund.

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