Goldens in the Outfield

Golden retrievers have always been known for being friendly, loyal pups. But canine celebrity, Jake the Diamond Dog, goes above and beyond his obedient reputation. He is known far and wide as the cutest darn dog in baseball.

Jake travels to ballparks across the country to show that rookies don’t only have two legs. Besides being insanely cute, he’s also super helpful in the park. He cleans up bats, shags balls, and even delivers water to the players to make sure everyone is happy and healthy.

I can’t imagine a better ball boy. Baseball games are already a great time for the whole family, but this adorable pup puts the prize in the cracker jacks.

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Michele Monteiro

Michele's animal family consists of her nephew Gus (who happens to be a frenchie) and her three cats, Storm, Bolt & Shadow. Storm is a typical girl who only wants attention on her terms and hits the ignore button any chance she gets while Bolt & Shadow both want attention at all times (of course, they're boys!). She is currently seeking cuddles from any animals, there is no application deadline.