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The White House may be where the President conducts all his official business, but he’s not the only one serving our country. If you were ever wondering who was barking out the orders in the Oval Office, keep in mind its probably the president’s four legged friend!

Photo Credit: Presidential Pets

George Washington: father of our country and father to 3 American Staghounds and 4 Black & Tan Coonhounds. No wonder he wasn’t affiliated with any party, he couldn’t side with a Donkey or an Elephant when he’s so clearly a dog!

Photo Credit: National Photo Company derivative work

John Adams: proud owner of 2 pups!

Thomas Jefferson: owner of 2 Briards. Rumor has it, Buzzy’s paw print is on the declaration of independence!

James Monroe: lover of his spaniel

Photo Credit: presidential pets

John Tyler: He was the 10th Vice President and 10th president, this man couldn’t have accomplished so much without the help of his Italian Greyhound

Franklin Pierce: Talk about strong foreign relations! Franklin pierce filled the white house with seven oriental dogs!

Photo Credit: Paul Morse/Agence France-Presse

James Buchanan: his best friend and confidant was named punch, a toy terrier!

Abraham Lincoln: the original Fido was his best friend, Fido!

Ulysses S Grant: Roses are red violets are red Ulysses loves his dog Rosie as much as the red white and blue!

Rutherford B Hayes: He didn’t discriminate! Hayes was a lover of all dogs and a pawrent to 6 different breeds!

Photo Credit: Bettmann/Corbis / AP Images

James A. Garfield: He certainly didn’t use his veto power when it came to his pup, Veto!

Grover Cleveland: the 22nd and 24th President loved his poodle more than anything!

Benjamin Harrison: He was always jolly when he was with his collie

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Theodore Roosevelt: He may be known as the father of teddy bears, but he was always more of a dog person!

Photo Credit: Library of Congress

William Howard Taft: This president loved his pup Caruso!

Woodrow Wilson: He had a soft spot for terriers!

Warren G. Harding: Laddie Boy and Old Boy, were the first thing escorted into the White House the morning after Harding’s inauguration.

Photo Credit: Harris & Ewing

Calvin Coolidge: Red, White, and Bark! Boy oh boy did this man have a lot of dogs!

Herbert Hoover: Rumor has it, Hoover lost his second presidential election to Franklin D. Roosevelt because he didn’t run with his pup, Tut!

Photo Credit: Herbert E. French, via Library of Congress website

Franklin D Roosevelt: Alright so we may have lost Tut when Roosevelt won the election, but don’t worry, he brought four legged friends of his own along!

Harry S. Truman: He know a Tru-man was a man with a dog! And so, he got two!

Dwight D. Eisenhower: though his dog Heidi was the only dog banned from the Whitehouse, he can’t help but love help!

John F. Kennedy: His first dog, Pushinka, was a gift from the head of the Soviet Union. I’d definitely take a pup over lady liberty!

Photo Credit: Cecil Stoughton White House Photographs

Lyndon B. Johnson: Though he loved his pups, Lyndon B. Johnson was the subject of controversy after he lifted his dogs up by his ears. Ouch!

Richard M. Nixon: His cocker spaniel, Checkers, had political fame of his own! Nixon’s speech, “Checkers Speech” played a major role in his electoral career and made his pooch famous!

Gerald Ford: The only thing cuter than a puppy in the White House, is a puppy birth in the white house! The Oval Office served as the perfect maternity ward for when Ford’s first pup, Liberty, gave birth to Misty!

Photo Credit: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library

Jimmy Carter: I was always taught to give my teachers apples, but clearly Jimmy Carters daughter was taught differently. Grits, a border collie, was a gift from his daughters teacher!

Ronald Reagan: The Washington Children’s Museum built Rex, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, his very own dog house filled with portraits of his pawents!

George H.W. Bush: Millie, Bush’s dog gave birth to Ranger! Double the fun!

Photo Credit: G. H. W. Bush Library

Bill Clinton: Buddy, Bill’s chocolate Lab was certainly his favorite Buddy!

George W. Bush: Barney, the Scottish terrier was loved by most, except Putin did make a couple negative remarks about his size.

Barack Obama: Bo and Sunny are as essential to the first family as Sasha and Malia.

Photo Credit: Pete Souza

Red, White and Bark!

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