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NYC went to the dogs, again! On Dec 14th, PetCon returned to NYC for the third consecutive year with over 50+ pet influencers hosting meet and greets, brand activations, speaking panels, a holiday shopping market, and more. Thousands of attendees from 28 states and 8 countries came into New York for PetCon which centered itself around the Swiffer Febreze Adoption Garden. In the adoption garden, Swiffer hosted meet and greets with celebs like Tuna Melts my Heart, Popeye the Foodie and helped 3 pups find their forever homes!



Teaming up with North Shore Animal League America, Swiffer used PetCon as a platform to help families “Get Pet Ready” with their Swiffer Pet line. In addition to their adoption garden, Swiffer hosted a panel with Brian Balthazar, TV personality, producer and dog dad; Morgan Brashear, Scientific Communications Manager at Procter & Gamble; Courtney Dasher, content curator for @TunaMeltsMyHeart; and Sean-Patrick Molloy, Shelter Operations for North Shore Animal League North America. They discussed their own adoption stories of and shared pet readiness tips and tricks for the audience.


Key takeaways included:


Pets shed – Excess pet hair can accumulate quickly and while you cannot stop healthy shedding, you can certainly reduce the amount of shedding with the help of grooming tools. Using a pet comb or brush regularly can help reduce the amount of fur balls in your room.


Accidents will happen – Especially when you first welcome home a new pet to your space.  Swiffer and Febreze pet experts say to expect a few accidents within the first few days and be prepared with pet-friendly cleaning products such as a Swiffer WetJet Mop or Febreze Air Refresher Pet Odor Eliminator.  


Pet-Proof your place – Make sure to put away any harsh cleaning products, store breakables in out of reach places, and keep trash cans closed tightly. If you do end up needing a hand, try the Swiffer Sweeper!


Make your pet feel comfortable in their new space – This is now their home too! Provide a safe space for them to snuggle up to and give them space when they first arrive to adjust. Don’t take it personally if your pet is hiding the first few days. Your new pal will appreciate it and a nurturing environment will surely help build the bond to your family!


Show them your routine – Making sure your pet knows the house rules and understands the daily routine will help teach your new furry friend where their place is in the family dynamic. Remember this is a big change for them too.


Have fun! – Most importantly, enjoy bringing your new pet into your family’s world. They love you and just want to be cared for with love, snuggles, belly rubs, walks, healthy food & treats!


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In the end, attendees went home with new tools for adding new pets to their lives and keeping their home fresh. For every adoption that took place, Swiffer and Febreze donated a pet readiness kit for the new pet-owner! Three lucky pups found their forever families at PetCon NYC.  



PetCon Chicago is coming up on June 20th! To be the first to find out about exciting partnerships like this, sign up for our mailing list here.


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