Fun Facts about Siamese Cats

Today is National Siamese Cat Day, so we are celebrating with fun facts about Siamese Cats! They were sporting the ombre look before it was fashionable and are known for their striking fur and friendly attitude.

Read on for fun facts about some of our favorite furry friends.

They originate from Thailand, and their name comes from “Siam” which is the former name of Thailand.

They’re royal. Have you ever wanted to have a royal family member? Look no further because in ancient times Siamese Cats were favored by royal families. So much so that when a member of the family died, their Siamese Cat would receive their soul, according to the ASPCA. 

Siamese Cats have four different color variations. The only problem is, they’re all so beautiful it’s hard to pick which one you want!

Seal point

Look at that precious face.

Chocolate point

Have you ever seen such big beautiful blue eyes?

Blue point

Just getting all cozy.

Lilac point

Who could ever say no to that face?

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