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If you heard about someone taking their 300th flight, you might expect it to be a pilot or someone in business. But in this case, we’re actually talking about a dog. A very special dog. Guide dog Brogan recently completed his 300th flight with his handler James Bennett.

Bennett lost his sight ten years ago, when the blood supply to his optic nerve was interrupted. He’s very happy to have his guide dog Brogan by his side, especially when he’s flying all around Australia to help others who are visually impaired.

Credit: ABC News

“If I didn’t have the dog, I’d have to have an attendant with me … the attendant would have to stay with me the whole flight and look after my needs,” said Bennett.

Brogan is able to help his handler through the entire airport process. He takes him through check in and security, then to a counter to find the correct gate, then finally to the plane. Once his handler is safe in his seat, Brogan takes a well-deserved snooze.

Credit: ABC News

To celebrate Brogan’s impressive 300th flight, the Australian airline Qantas rewarded him with his very own pupcake. Check out this adorable video to watch Brogan gently devour his delicious treat:

Mr Brogan's 300th Flight

Meet Brogan, a very important frequent flyer. Today he celebrated his 300th flight with a 'pupcake' from Sparkle Cupcakery once he was off duty.

Posted by Qantas on Monday, July 17, 2017

Congrats to Brogan and his handler for 300 successful flights. We’re sure there will be many more on the horizon as they continue to help the blind and low-vision community.

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