Four Furbulous Ways to Include Your Pets on Easter

Do you want to include your pets in your Easter extravaganza celebration but don’t know how? Follow these three fun-filled activities and your dogs, cats and bunnies will be wishing every day was Easter.  

Have an Easter Egg Hunt for your dog

You know how sad your dog can get when he’s left out of the fun. An Easter Egg hunt is not only a good time but a good way for him to get his exercise outside! The American Kennel Club recommends using large plastic eggs in your customized Easter Egg Hunt so your dog can’t swallow them whole. Be sure to put strong smelling treats inside the eggs so they are easy to find. If the Easter eggs for the pup is mixed in with other eggs, lead your dog on a leash to avoid them accidentally choking or eating toxins such as chocolate.

Give your pet an Easter basket

What better way to make your pet feel included in the Easter festivities than giving him his own basket filled with treats and goodies? (Just make sure not to have any chocolate in there!) Some ideas to include are treats, toys, a new leash, blanket, clothes, and of course, a pair of bunny ears! The photos practically take themselves.

Dress them up

Did somebunny say dress up? Even if you have a bunny for a pet, putting a pair of bunny ears on her and making her look like the Easter Bunny will be a hit at home! Dogs and cats will look equally as cute, too. But for the less basic route, try dressing your pet up as an egg, a peep, a carrot, or even a flower!

Take eggtastic photos

Pics or it didn’t happen, right? Savor the sweet memories by taking fun photos that will last forever. Whether that is having your pet pose in a giant Easter basket or wearing bunny ears, your pet will look eggcellent. (Find out more tips on how to take a great shot!)

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