Foster Dogs Expands to Nashville

According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs enter shelters every year.  Fostering dogs is an integral tool in preparing dogs for successful adoptions. Being in a shelter is stressful, and fostering helps the organization get a better idea of the dog’s personality, health, and needs. When you foster a dog, you save two lives: your foster, and you opened up space at the shelter for the next dog. In New York City, we have a unique organization called Foster Dogs which promotes collaboration between various rescues and shelters in the area, and provides a hub of fosters, education, and resources. Here at PetInsider we love Foster Dogs, and we were so excited to hear they are expanding their programs to Nashville! We spoke with the Founder, Sarah Brasky, to chat about their announcement.



For those who don’t know, what is Foster Dogs?

Foster Dogs, Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in New York City, connecting rescue organizations, adopters, fosters, and other partners together in our shared mission to help animals in need. We create a comfortable, welcoming environment through open communication and support. As the leading community resource, we provide expert advice, quality marketing, and several outstanding specialized programs. Our programs include: a Foster Roster online applicant database, Fospice end-of-life foster care, Lending Library for NY-area rescue groups, Educational Workshops, Corporate Puppy Parties with rescue dogs, and even a Famous Fosters program!


Learn more about our work:


To what do you attribute the success of Foster Dogs?

Our organization has been a 501(c)(3) nonprofit since 2014, operating since 2009. In the years since we started, we’ve worked daily to create positive foster experiences and to build relationships with animal welfare organizations in New York and around the country. Our grass roots effort has grown into an incredible organization saving thousands of animals on a modest budget, and run almost completely by volunteers. Our success is based on our volunteers, our partner organizations, and our community of dedicated foster folks, donors, and corporate supporters. In the last five years, we have grown more than I could have ever imagined and now are about to embark on a new chapter: launching a branch in another major city!


What made you want to expand to Nashville?

Thanks to the generous support from Maddie’s Fund for our Foster Roster online foster database, we have been able to dream big. They have been our biggest financial supporters for our Foster Roster program over the last two years, and now are helping us try a whole new setup in a new city. Our relationship with Nashville’s municipal shelter Metro Animal Care & Control [MACC] began at the Best Friends Animal Society National Conference in the summer of 2018, where we had an informal meeting which sparked an idea. The wheels were soon set in motion, and Foster Dogs began creating a volunteer team, planning site visits, coordinating with organizational leaders, and planning program goals.


While Nashville might not be an obvious choice for our next stop, it makes perfect sense. Over 100 people are moving to Nashville every day, many of them unaware of the shelter and not yet experienced in fostering. Whoever has been to Nashville can attest to the liveliness of the city and general great experience one has as a visitor or resident. Now, we can become part of that community. MACC works incredibly hard under the leadership of Executive Director Lauren Bluestone, to raise their “save rate” and get more animals into homes rather than face euthanasia. Fostering is a key step in getting animals out of the shelter, thus keeping them healthy, improving their medical or behavior conditions, and preventing euthanasia for lack-of-kennel-space. We can’t wait to spread the word!



Which organizations in Nashville are you most excited to partner with?

We’re doing something unique for Foster Dogs, by partnering with their city shelter MACC. We are eager to meet community rescue groups and learn more about their rescue efforts around the Nashville area. MACC has agreed to collaborate and implement our Foster Roster as their accepted application, soon to be launched publicly for all Nashville residents to apply!


Any other exciting plans for 2019?

Stay tuned for an LA adoption event in the coming months, more details coming soon! Our first LA event, and we’re thrilled! This year we plan to continue all our existing programs, and welcome new volunteers and support. Learn about our programs, and visit our website’s homepage to learn about getting involved.


Thank you for chatting with us, Sarah! Be sure to follow Foster Dogs on Instagram @fosterdogs


Featured image courtesy of Foster Dogs and Boprey Photography


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