Forever Against Animal Testing!


They did it! With your help, The Body Shop has collected 8 million signatures to support the ban of animal testing in cosmetics! Going out with a bang, they delivered the petition in person to the United Nations with the help of some of our favorite influencers. In a parade that ran from Rockefeller Center to the United Nations building in New York City, The Body Shop, Cruelty Free International and a gaggle of supporters celebrated the milestone in the fight against animal testing. Scroll through to see some of our favorite photos from the day’s festivities!



@hankthebasset rides in style in The Body Shop’s pedicab.



@pinkpigletpuppy, a deaf and blind puppy, makes the journey to the United Nations!



@rileybeann is tired of walking but not tired of fighting against animal testing!



@barnabas.and.madeline.the.neos spreading the word on Good Morning America!



@walterthedognyc preparing for the journey to the UN.

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