For The Dog (Or Cat) Loving Dad

Every Father’s Day, we celebrate all different types of dads. Adoptive dads, step dads, and, yes, even dog dads. If you need a gift for your fellow pet parent, look no further. We’ve rounded up some of the best things to buy for your dog or cat loving papa.

Credit: Silver Pet Prints

Every dad loves a good pair of cufflinks. These ones add a little special touch with a personalized paw print of his pet pal.

Credit: Ebay

If your padre loves cats but gets a little cranky without his morning coffee, this is the perfect mug for him. Show your support with a hint of sass with this grumpy kitty.

Credit: Amazon

Sometimes the dad in your life might need something a little stronger than coffee. For that, we’ve got this silly koozie.

Credit: Tommy Hilfiger

Make sure your pet lover is decked out from head to toe. These adorable boxers even say “I woof you,” so your special guy will know that these come straight from the heart.

Credit: Zazzle

If your feline-loving father wants to get fancy, this tie might just do the trick. Forget the boring, old paisley or striped ties, it’s all about the cat print.

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