Football Accessories For Your Furry Friend

The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing, and fall is finally here. But there’s another season that some people appreciate even more than fall: football season. If you were more than happy to bring out your old jersey and rock it proudly on game day, check out some of these NFL-themed accessories for your pet.

Credit: Hot Dog Collars

For those chilly outdoor tailgates, make sure your pup is all bundled up in this cozy knit hat. They’ll look spirited and super cute for game day.

Credit: Chewy

You’ve got a jersey for yourself, so why not pick one up for your dog, too? The photo opportunities are endless when you dress your pet like your favorite player.

Credit: What On Earth

Dogs and cats can enjoy this fun team cap. Velcro tabs and elastic straps help make sure this hat fits their furry little ears.

Credit: NFL Shop

If your pet really isn’t one to wear clothes, just a simple collar will do. This one has a football AND your team logo, so everyone will know exactly who your pet reps.

Wherever you’re watching the game, you can always make sure your pup is just as spirited as you are. Now, if you could just train them to cheer when your team scores, that would really make them the best canine (or feline) cheerleader in town.

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