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We are super excited to be following along with Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund’s brand new Facebook Watch Show! It started at the end of January and is currently on episode three. We all know Crusoe for his wacky little viral videos, some of which have topped over 50 million views, as well as for his character and personality which has been represented so well in his blog and book which went on to become a New York Times Bestseller.

​As Crusoe says, “these new episodes are an evolution of the content our fans love so much, where for the first time we have bridged the writing from the blog and the visuals of our videos, coming together with dialogue and voiceover.”

​The concept of the show, as Crusoe puts it, is:

The Crusoe Show stars the one and only, Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, the internet-famous wiener dog extraordinaire, as he lives life on set and behind the scenes, at home and on travels abroad. Much to his dissatisfaction, Crusoe’s dreams of livin’ the celebrity high life are kept in check by his rather “average” parents and their modest lifestyle, and yet he never demands less than the world from them. Also featuring appearances from his goofy, coattail-riding younger brother, Oakley, The Crusoe Show mixes Wishbone with Calvin & Hobbes, viral videos with sitcom-like dialogue, and with plenty of  undertones for adults but fun viewing for kids, too.

So far, we’re loving it! Crusoe is a sassy little dachshund (like they all are) and his brother is such a goofball.

Check out their latest episode, and our favorite to date where the brothers are watching a hockey game together but then decide to play one themselves.

Crusoe’s parents say they are doing this show “completely for the fans as a new endeavor, but if you’re a network, producer, or agent interested in the show, shoot Crusoe’s agent a message.”

Until then, we’re looking forward to the next one! Check out Crusoe’s Facebook Watch Page here or his Youtube channel where episodes are also listed.

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