Fish Tank Fashion

Who says fish can’t be fun? The best way to get involved with your fishy friend is to deck out its tank with the coolest fish accessories. These little additions will take your tank to the next level—like we’re talking MTV Cribs-worthy level.

The Spongebob Set

Credit: Pinterest

The Spongebob pineapple is pretty much a must-have, but the whole set of characters and houses is #AquariumGoals. Make your tank into your very own Bikini Bottom and let your fishy friend explore.

The Fierce Dragon

Credit: That Pet Place

Add a little Asian flair to your tank with this pretty dope dragon. This stately statue will make your tank look cool and maybe even help ward off evil spirits and bring you good luck (according to Chinese legend).

The Trendy T-Rex

Credit: Amazon

Dinosaurs have been popping up in designers like Coach and Kate Spade, so why they shouldn’t they be in your fish tank? This T-Rex skull adds a nerdy yet cool vibe to your aquarium.

The Sporty Statue

Credit: Amazon

Football fans, rejoice! Your aquatic animal can cheer for your favorite team, too. This helmet not only shows off your team spirit, but it also serves as a pretty cool place for your fish to hang out.

The Laid-back Leaf


Okay so this is literally just a fake leaf. But if you have a betta fish, they will actually hang out and sometimes even nap on this little “hammock.” So while it might not look the coolest, it gives your fish a pretty decent chill-out space.

The Mario Mansion

Okay so this one definitely requires some extra work and creativity, but the results are definitely worth it. With some LEGO bricks and non-toxic enamel, you can make your very own Mario Mansion.

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