Fearless Oskar

We feature a lot of really cute pets here at PetInsider, but this lil guy takes it one step further. Not only is he super cute, he’s also super courageous, too. Meet the blind cat that has captured the heart of millions of people on the internet: Oskar. It all started with this viral video in 2011:

With over 7 million views, this video helped bring Oskar’s story to light. Born on May 5, 2011 in western Iowa, Oskar was diagnosed with a condition called microphthalmia. This means his eyes never fully developed because of certain genetic factors. But he didn’t let that slow him down. Since this video, he has grown into an energetic, healthy feline who is still a social media star.

He always has a good time horsing around with his cat brother Klaus. Together, Oskar and Klaus have over 200k fans on Facebook and 400k on Instagram. Their owner posts cute pics of them lounging in the sun, playing with toys, and mostly just looking adorable.

But their mission goes beyond just adorable animals photos. Oskar and Klaus want to use their social media fame to spread the word about other special needs animals. They frequently post about other animals up for adoption and help them find furever homes.

You might also notice that all of their posts have special captions in brackets. These are meant for the visually impaired fans who might be using a screen reading software to enjoy their content. These special captions give a description to those who might not be able to actually see the photo.

As a cat with special needs, Oskar is trying to pave the way for all the other special animals and humans out there. He wants to show that he can live a normal, healthy, happy life and that his disability doesn’t hold him back. He wants to help the world be more accessible for the visually impaired by including special captions and making editions of his book in Braille.

We still have a long way to go as a society to become fully inclusive of people of all different abilities, but with voices like Oskar and Klaus out there championing the rights of the disabled, we’re definitely making strides.

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