Famous Furry Friends: Pets in Oscar-Nominated Movies

The actors and actresses get all the glitz and glory, but what about their furry co-stars? Here’s a list of some of the amazing animals featured in Oscar-nominated movies.

Uggie from “The Artist”

Uggie the Jack Russell terrier is the adorable (and very talented) pup that served as the sidekick to Jean Dujardin in the 2012 Best Picture winner. Even though he didn’t get the official cred on the golden statue, he did get to share some of the glory on stage when Dujardin accepted his award for Best Actor.

Credit: CTV News

Arthur from “Beginners”

2012 was a pretty dope year for Oscar pups and Uggie wasn’t the only Jack Russell to steal the show. Arthur from “Beginners” was another lovable cinematic canine. This pup even got the full star treatment with special doggie makeup and fur dye to make his hair more gray for the film.

Credit: Critic Rants/Wordpress

Toto (formerly known as Terry) from “The Wizard of Oz”

This little Cairn terrier is probably the most famous of all the movie mutts. He’s so famous that his owner even officially changed his name from Terry to Toto. Rumor has it that Toto got paid more than some of his human castmates (can you say #drama). But can you blame him? Being that cute is definitely no easy task.

Credit: FixNation

Cat from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

This lovable feline friend appeared alongside the ever-charming Audrey Hepburn. Even though she never had a real name in the film, she was still the purr-fect companion for New York socialite Holly Golightly.

Credit: Pinterest

Babe from “Babe”

We could never leave out the title character in this Oscar-winning film. It actually took 48 different pigs and even an animatronic version to play the character you see on screen. But if we gave out the Oscars, we’d hand one out to each and every one.

Credit: Bustle

Seabiscuit from “Seabiscuit”

Based off an amazing true story, “Seabiscuit” brought horse racing to the silver screen. The title character was played by multiple horses, one of whom was named Popcorn Deelites. This deliciously adorable animal had the honor of playing Seabiscuit as he races out of the gate.

Credit: Sky

So while there may be no official Oscar for these famous furballs, they’ll always be winners in our hearts.

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