Enter The World Of The Traveling Tuna

Insta star Tuna is a certified canine celeb. With almost 2 million followers, he has captured the hearts of everyone on the internet with his adorable overbite. But Tuna is more than just an adorable pup. He’s also quite the jet-setter. He travels with his mom Courtney so often that they’ve even started a special Instagram account called The Traveling Tuna.

It all started with a book tour across the US and UK for Courtney’s book TUNA MELTS MY HEART: The Underdog with an Overbite. These travels, among others, sparked this idea for a special Tuna-focused travel account. Besides sharing adorable pics of Tuna on the road, The Traveling Tuna also provides great tips on pet-friendly accommodations.

Tuna travels about once a month, so he is quite the busy bow-wow. When he’s on-the-go, he always needs his best friend Colin (his favorite stuffed animal), and his wheely travel bag. For his go-to travel outfit, he prefers a snuggly fleece from Dog Dentons. “Even if it’s warm outside, he likes to wear it on the airplane because the cabin temperatures are unpredictable,” said Courtney.

Tuna has traveled to a lot of places, but his favorite destinations are definitely LA and London. LA has the warm, wonderful, Tuna-approved weather. He loves London for visiting his dad, plus all the dope dog parks for him to romp around in.

As with any famous celeb, Tuna is all about the travel perks. When he’s lounging in his hotel, he makes sure to enjoy all the amenities, especially room service. But his favorite meal? That depends. “Anything I order he wishes he could have, but it’s usually the bacon in the morning that he’s most excited about,” jokes Courtney. It can be a ruff life for a pup on-the-go, but Tuna definitely knows how to make it work.

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