Dope Tees For Dog Lovers

Most dog lovers out there are definitely not shy about their obsession with their furry friends. You’ll probably find pics of their canine companion(s) all over their social media. For fido fans like these that aren’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, here are the perfect tees:

Credit: Etsy

Let your new favorite tee list all your favorite things. Who could argue that a lazy Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and a cute canine isn’t absolutely ideal?

Credit: Etsy

Corgi lovers are a special type of dog lover that are extra enthusiastic about their floofy friends. This shirt is perfect for summer and perfect for all the corgi supporters out there.

Credit: Arm The Animals

This shirt from non-profit organization Arm The Animals is perfect for any dog lover that wants to look great while also giving back to pets in need.

Credit: Amazon

Frenchies are always adorable, but this lil guy with a mustache is next level cute. Dog lover or not, everyone is sure to love this mushy, mustachioed face.

Credit: Animal Hearted

No time to beat around the bush, just tell the people what’s on your mind. This shirt lets everyone know that you have one goal and one goal only: to pet ALL the dogs.

Credit: Society6

If you can’t choose just one cute canine to rock on your chest, why not rock a bunch…in space! Nothing better than a bunch of adorable astropups.

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