Dogs Show Us How It’s Done During National Ice Cream Month

One amazing person must have loved ice cream so much that they declared the third Sunday in July National Ice Cream Day in perpetuity. 


That’s cool and all but our hearts are forever with the human who went one step further by declaring July National Ice Cream Month. Break it down and that’s 31 days, 744 hours, and over 44,000 minutes to officially savor the stuff.


We know dogs share our deep affection for that person, or any person, really, holding an ice cream — in cups, on sticks, inside of cones (cake, not waffle, of course). 


So, to honor all that is cold and creamy, we gathered some of the best Instagram clips of canines throwing back the tasty treat, to give all the others out there a little ice cream #inspo.


Dairy King is more like it.


Two words: #FriendshipGoals.


Some just want it more than others. 


What Darth Vader sounds like eating ice cream:


We like to call it: When Hairy Met Soft Serve.


Take small, serious bites to savor the flavor.


Sometimes a spoonful is all you need.


Truth: good manners will get you more of the good stuff in the long run. 


A game face like this can only be called “Cold Stone.”


It’s so sweet when canines are considerate of fingers.


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