Dogs Butler Service Caters to Your Pet’s Schedule

Having a private ride somewhere, say in a limoscene or party bus, makes for a seriously elevated experience, even if you’re just traveling from Point A to Point B. There’s just something about that personalized service that makes a ride all the more lovely. Now, there’s a option based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dogs Butler, that will take your beloved pooch from daycare to your door, as first reported by Fox17.



The idea for Dogs Butler came to be when Ash Middleton, a dog owner and lover, found that taking his own pup to and from daycare while he worked became way more than just a time-consuming chore.  “I [started Dogs Butler] because I owned a dog and there were just not enough services to make my life easier with my dog,” Middleton told Fox17. One particular day, he was, well, sick as a dog, and was out of luck with what to do with his own pooch. “There was nobody to take my dog to daycare for me, so I got up, sweated all the way to daycare, came back and decided we needed something like this in downtown Grand Rapids, [Michigan],” he explained.



One year later, Dogs Butler is up and running, but the service is specific—it’s not a full-on babysitting service. “It’s really the connectivity between services,” Middleton said. “So we don’t do daycare, we don’t do boarding, we provide the transport between companies. I just noticed there was really a lack of logistics within pet care, there’s not a lot of this anywhere in the country.”


Starting at around $24 for trip, Dogs Butler is a great way to get your pup out of the city for a day. The company also offers day-long field trips for that same above-mentioned reason, and those start at $50—well worth the price tag to have peace of mind over your dog’s wellbeing.

Photo: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


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Rachel Zoldan

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