Doggie DIY: Stencil Art


One rainy day we had nothing to do.  BeaR got the idea that we should play with glitter. 

He’s less artistic than me. I feared we’d make a mess and mom would scream, so I suggested we make sparkle tees to match the dollar store sunnies we made.  It’s a stenciling project. Have you ever made a stencil?



Find your Artwork

When stenciling fabric using glitter, you want an image that is a solid shape in a single color.  We went simple and made hearts and stars.  You can google “Stencil Art” for lots of choices, or “Dog Stencil Art”, or even “Chihuahua Stencil Art”! (BeaR thought of that.) Or draw your own!


Gather your Supplies

The self-healing cutting mat makes it easier to cut a complicated design. We recommend Aleene’s Okay to Wash-it glue because it’s okay to wash it! Extra fine glitter is the best. It glistens like a fine jewel.


Make your Stencil

Once you have your artwork reduced to the size that fits your t-shirt (or bandana), place it under a sheet of freezer paper with the shiny side down. Trace the outline onto the dull side of the freezer paper.



With your x-acto knife, cut along the lines.



Remove the center.


Add Your Artwork To Your Tee

You’re going to use iron heat to adhere the stencil to the fabric. First, you need to prepare the surface.  It needs to be flat. You can put your tee on a sleeve board. Or slip a piece of cardboard inside the shirt.  That’s what we did, and we pinned behind the cardboard so it fits snug.


You want your design the be nicely centered.  We drew lines on the freezer paper to help with the alignment. Make sure the shiny side of the paper is against the cloth. That’s the part whose waxy surface sticks.



Iron and Glue

Use a hot iron and go over it a few times focusing on the edges.  You want them to be securely attached. Squirt generous globs of glue on the fabric. 



Spread and Glitter

With a paintbrush, spread the glue evenly.  You want it to be a thick enough to coat the fabric. You want that thick coat to go all the way to the edge of the design and slightly over the edge onto the paper. Pour glitter onto the glue.  Cover it entirely. Be generous.



Peel off the Stencil

Remove the extra glitter.  Tilt the tee over a piece of paper and tap the back of it. If there are thin areas, dab some glue on those spots and add more glitter. Give it 20 minutes to settle and peel away the stencil.



You’re done!

Wear it with pride. Because you made it!




Woofie and BeaR

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