Doggie DIY: Get Your Tutu On


Fashion may be fickle, but not when it comes to the tutu, and every #TutuTuesday us dogs prove the point.

Wouldn’t it be dreamy to have a whole wardrobe of these soft, fluffy confections?  Here’s how to make a no-sew super-fluffy Tutu.


We made ours in red. You can make yours in any color, or even mix colors, rainbow style! 


Gather your supplies

Most spooled tulle is soft. This design only works with soft tulle. If it’s stiff like crinoline you won’t be able to tie the knots.


Measure the cardboard the length you want your finished tutu to be, plus 1/2”.



Cut the tulle strips

Wrap the tulle around the cardboard until it’s thick with tulle.  I did this twice to get enough strips. The number of strips you need depends on the softness of the tulle and the waist measurement of the tutu.  Wrap a bunch. If you need more, you can easily do this again.



Cut across one end. 


Make the elastic band

Sew or pin the elastic into a ring. You want to make it snug against your dog’s body. The reason for this is the tulle knotting will stretch the elastic a bit.



Start knotting the strips to the waistband

Anchor the band so you can work the knotting with both hands.  I slipped the band around my leg.


Slip a strip under the elastic and center it, with the tulle strips even on each side.


Tie a square knot around the elastic: Left end over right, then right end over left.  TIE EVERY STRIP LIKE THIS and you’ll have an even looking plush, symmetrical skirt.


Push the knotted pieces closer to each other. This tends to stretch out the elastic.  The tighter they sit against each other, the puffier the tutu will be.


Do this until you have the length of waistband that you want.  Ours was 9” of knotted strips.


Make suspenders

Thread your ribbon through your slip lock buckle, then through your suspender clips then loop the end of the ribbon over the bar to the buckle and secure either by sewing or with a pin.


You’ll have to push some of the knots aside so you can clip the suspenders to the elastic, to get a good grip.



You’re done!

Find a cute tee and you have an outfit!



Woofie & BeaR

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